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Tsz Kwan Chan, Entrepreneurial Alumni Awards finalist, Hong Kong 2017, alumna of Edinburgh Napier Un

Tsz Kwan (TK) Chan is an artist and gallery owner who lives and works in Hong Kong. Her work is inspired by the Scottish landscape which she explored throughout her time studying design at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

It would be difficult to think of two places more different than the rugged landscape of the Scottish countryside and the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, and it is this contrast which has influenced the development of TK as an artist and entrepreneur.

The UK's stunning landscapes make a big impression on students from around the world, and TK says when she arrived in Scotland, it was "like walking into a garden." She was particularly struck by the country's preservation of its heritage, from environmental protection schemes to the way historic buildings have been adapted to modern use.

TK has retained her connections to Scotland since moving back to Hong Kong in 2010, and through her gallery, BLINK, she has forged a unique relationship between the art scenes in Scotland and Hong Kong. BLINK was the first gallery from Hong Kong to exhibit as part of the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe: "We brought Hong Kong artists' artworks to Scotland and showcased it across different venues at the festival. Some of the art has found its permanent home in Scotland too." The relationship goes both ways, as BLINK Gallery promotes the work of Scottish artists in Hong Kong and across Asia.

Usman and TK's stories are two examples of how studying in the UK can be a transformational experience, leading to new collaborations and links between the UK and other countries. As authentic voices, alumni can be strong ambassadors for a UK education and demonstrate how UK institutions provide a depth of learning which has a long-lasting influence upon individuals, their careers, and communities.

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