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Scotland is like walking into a garden full of peaches for me.  It's a place filled with open spaces, wild life, clean air, streams and locks full of fresh running water; and the Scottish people are very friendly, polite and helpful. I felt so safe and welcomed in this special country. The living conditions and care are taken of the beautiful environment in Scotland is better than Hong Kong.  They retain and protect their park and open spaces, and have excellent recycling and environmental protection systems.  Scotland is a very international country and I made new friends from different countries, such as Poland, Spain and Japan.


The Scottish landscape is changeable just like its weather. Visiting it in different seasons and times of the year inspired me and my love for art in different ways, especially the changing colours of the sky and trees. I also loved that wild animals such as deer, foxes and eagles lived happily with people. The buildings and architecture in Scotland are also amazing with modern buildings sitting alongside older buildings.  I was especially impressed by the way old buildings were preserved and adapted to fit into the daily life in the 21st century. 


My Scottish themed paintings have allowed me to maintain my links with Scottish professionals outside Scotland – Scottish people recognise the landscapes and animals I portray in my art and will come and speak with me when they see my artwork at the exhibition. Also, members of the Hong Kong St. Andrews Society have supported me by collecting my Scottish landscape paintings. I am running regular workshops of drawing ink animals with the alumni of Edinburgh Napier University in Hong Kong.


I love to travel back to Scotland regularly, to meet with my old friends and family. During these trips, I take time to travel and explore the highlands to get new inspirations for my art. I also enjoy visiting the national museums and galleries to see the master pieces from hundreds of years ago.

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