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Chinese Ink Paintings

TK Chan (b.1984) is a self-taught artist from Hong Kong who has developed a unique and diverse body of work by blending different artistic traditions and approaches: Western and Chinese. Chan's practice primarily involves contemporary Chinese ink-wash painting on Xuan paper, taking a minimalist approach to execution. She is known for her Chinese watercolor paintings of animals, particularly the signs of the Chinese zodiac.


Chan's artwork represents the intersection of different cultures and mediums, showcasing the beauty of both traditional Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting. Through her commitment to exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of her own practice, she has developed a distinct style that sets her apart as an artist. Her works have been acquired by a number of institutions including Po Leung Kuk (Hong Kong), Kingston Financial Group (Hong Kong), Super Star Group (Hong Kong), and Edinburgh Napier University (UK), and has recently been commissioned to create a series of works for the食好點 restaurant group in Shanghai (China). Her works have also been sold at auction, most recently in 2022 by Poly Auction, Xiamen (China), and by 33 Auction, Singapore.


Unicorn and Angel

Since 2017



Since 2016



Since 2015

螢幕截圖 2023-10-17 下午3.06_edited.png


Since 2019

TAC354 World of Love 03---.jpg

World Of Love

Since 2017

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 7.10_edited.jpg

Lucky Cat

Since 2023


Rabbit's World

Since 2024

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