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The "Starry Sky" series showcases the imagery of the Northern Lights from space perspective, aiming to remind people to cherish the Earth. These artworks present the beauty and mystery of the Northern Lights through unique visual effects. Each piece incorporates glitter, which gives the paintings a shimmering effect during the day, resembling the twinkling of stars in the light. The addition of glitter creates variations in light and shadow, bringing more vividness and a sense of mystique to the artworks. When observing these pieces, viewers can immerse themselves and experience the captivating charm of the Northern Lights. At night, the paintings resemble moving stars, adding a touch of enchantment to the night sky. The entire series is based on a space perspective, seeking to evoke attention to environmental protection and the importance of valuing natural resources through the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky. It also expresses the artist's admiration and respect for the natural world.

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