Discover Scotland’s beauty through the eyes of Hong Kong artist and Edinburgh Napier University grad

TK Chan lived, worked and studied in Scotland for 10 years. Her artwork has been exhibited in Edinburgh, London, Cardiff and Hong Kong, inspiring a large and diverse audience. She is the co-founder and curator of ‘Blink’ Gallery in Hong Kong, member of the Society of Scottish Artists, The Hong Kong St Andrew’s Society and Hong Kong Society for Education in Art.

The Collections

Inspired by the mesmerising Scottish nature, every painting from the Landscape collection has a story of its own. Be it the little rabbit, from the painting ‘Winter to Spring’, that is gazing in the distance, realising no matter how tough the winter is, spring will always come after, or the spellbinding landscape of Castle Stalker, from the painting ‘Love in a timely fashion’, taking you on a romance filled adventure through the eternal fairy-tale story of the lonely princess, locked away in the highest tower, waiting for her Prince Charming.

If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sun setting over Scotland, and the Skyscape changing colours every minute, then you know where TK’s inspiration came from, for her Sky collection. Capturing every colour, and channelling a feeling of peace, the artworks are truly magnificent.

An experience everyone strives for – To see the Northern Lights. That is what inspired TK Chan and her Aurora collection, which she talks about in detail in the video below.

The next step – admiring the ‘Aurora Burealis’ from outer space. TK Chan’sStarry collection depicts the natural phenomenon as seen from above the stratosphere – truly amazing.

TK Chan talks about her time in Scotland, Blink gallery and the need for inspiration…

She continued talking about her new collection, Aurora, inspired by the famous Northern Lights, their connection to global warming and how an abstract painting can be perceived in multiple ways.

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