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TK Chan's Animals Carry On Thermal Bottle with Cord Handle

TK Chan's Animals Carry On Thermal Bottle with Cord Handle


TK Chan's Animals Carry On Thermal Bottle with Cord Handle (350ml) $400









  • 保暖保冷同樣優秀 冬天保暖,夏天保冷,一年四季都能令你隨時享受到溫熱或涼爽的飲品。層層鎖溫,有效阻止熱量流失,延長控溫時間 將溫暖鎖進“芯” 裡

  • 矽膠密封,雙重防護 無懼劇烈搖晃 倒置不漏水 杯蓋內置密封矽膠圈

  • 杯身可整個沖洗,杯底使用雷射焊接技術, 防止水滴滲入內部。可以用水沖洗杯身每個角落。

  • 纖幼輕巧,便攜提手 方便出行 提手採用折疊設計 使用不礙事,方便飲水和出行,即使注滿水後放在袋中亦不會感到笨重,隨時隨地飲水無負擔。可拎可提 出門一拎即走

  • 底部設有防滑功能,可靜靜地放置在桌面上,更加穩固和耐用。保溫杯底部采用耐磨樹脂材料,輕輕一放就能牢固地固定在桌面上,大大減少了日常生活中因小碰撞而產生的噪音和損耗,使保溫杯更加靜音和耐用。


Carry On Thermal Bottle with Cord Handle 


Capacity: 350-500mL


Inner Materials: SUS316 Stainless steel  




  • Keep hot and cold. Suitable for any season.

  • Silicone sealing. Double protection, ensuring no leaks even during vigorous shaking or when inverted. Tightly sealed without leaking. Built-in airtight silicone ring for bottle lid 

  • Entirely rinsable. The bottom part is laser welded and the main body is rinsable entirely.

  • Portable with slim and compact size

  • The bottom is equipped with an anti-slip function, allowing it to be placed quietly on the tabletop, more stable and durable. Made of wear-resistant resin material, ensuring a secure and firm grip on the tabletop with a gentle placement. Reduce the noise and wear, making it more silent and long-lasting

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