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Contemporary Artist.

TK Chan (b.1984) is a self-taught artist from Hong Kong who has developed a unique and diverse body of work by blending different artistic traditions and approaches. Chan's practice primarily involves contemporary Chinese ink wash painting on Xuan paper, where she takes a minimalist approach to execution. She is known for her Chinese watercolor paintings of animals, particularly the signs of the Chinese zodiac, which offer a serene and joyful counterpoint to the negativity and stress of the world.

Chan's love for art began at a young age, and through experimentation and self-study, she has become a skilled painter in both Chinese ink and oils. During her studies in Scotland, Chan was captivated by the scenery and inspired to create artworks that captured the essence of the landscapes she saw in oil on canvas. After establishing her own art gallery, Chan was encouraged by Chinese multi-disciplinary artist Water Poon to experiment with Chinese ink. Rejecting traditional training as too confining, she continues to develop her unique practice to this day.

Chan's artwork represents the intersection of different cultures and mediums, showcasing the beauty of both traditional Chinese ink painting and Western oil painting. Through her commitment to exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of her own practice, she has developed a distinct style that sets her apart as an artist. Her works have been acquired by several institutions, including the Kingston Financial Group (Hong Kong) and Edinburgh Napier University (UK), and she has recently been commissioned to create a series of works for a restaurant group in Shanghai.

Academically accomplished, Chan holds a MA in Curating and Art History from Lingnam University, Hong Kong, as well as a MDes in Interdisciplinary Design and a BDes in Design Futures, both from Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom.

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