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Aurora Revelation is Supported by Edinburgh Napier University

It is so good that Edinburgh Napier University is supporting me and promote my event at both of their Edinburgh Napier University Alumni fan page and Hong Kong Association facebook fanpage. Hopefully i can meet more Hong Kong Napier alumni at my exhibition event.

Hong Kong born, creative, artist Ms TK Chan has been painting Scotland through her eyes since her time as a student at Edinburgh Napier University, where she graduated from in 2008 with a MDes in Interdisciplinary Design. Her new creative oil painting series is called <Aurora Revelation>. It is inspired by the mysteriously beautiful but volatile Aurora Borealis, which can be seen in the north of Scotland. Aurora Borealis is an astronomical wonder, which has no fixed pattern or colour; with its ever changing green, white, yellow, blue and profusion of showy red-purple. It is graceful, colorful, mysterious and unpredictable. TK is applying her self-invented creative and interpretive brush strokes in <Aurora Revelation> to capture the light patterns through her own eyes. While the art works are colorful and fascinating, the significance behind this series of painting is just as important and should not be overlooked: the Aurora Borealis used to be seen only in the northern hemispheres and were also known as the ‘northern lights’. They can now be seen in different locations across Europe and America – this is believed to be linked to global warming. The artist has used this series of paintings to bring an awareness of Global warming as an issue that everyone should be concerned about.

The <Aurora Revelation> are circular artworks, which represent the Earth, Sun, Stars and the relationship of Human Solidarity. Each brush stroke is created using a unique circular motion. These numerous small circles, depicted on a circular canvas act as metaphors that appeal to everyone regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, political background, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, health, disability, social class, wealth or any other background to join together to protect our mother Earth in harmony.

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