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Love in a timely fashion by TK Chan

Love in a timely fashion by TK Chan

Oil Painting on canvas
30 x 40 cm Original
53 x 43 cm Framed

    The castle represents a storybook fairy tale romance
where the princess in the castle is waiting for her
prince to arrive. With her true love’s kiss they will be
able to live happily ever after. Lots of couples also
make a special trip to the castle for their wedding
photography. The Castle Stalker in Oban was selected because of the loch that surrounds it. It has now been privatized and is only open to visitors for a few
weeks of the year. If you missed this
opening period, you can only view the
castle from the distant shore of the lake. The timing for visiting the castle is very important, not too early or not too late!

It is just like the timing for couples, say love to him/her when she is still available!

    TK's first oil painting, this art work has been featured in various newspaper and medias.


    Buyers are responsible for the tax and shipping.

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